Why We Do What We Do

 In 1995 we lost our baby girl, baby sister, aunt, and friend Rebecca "Bella" June Cottam. One of the moments we enjoyed most as a family after the viewing was when we gathered at Bella's & our amazing employees fed our family. It was the first time since her death that we all sat, rested, enjoyed some good food, & took in the love we felt from all of you.

Since that day we have had the privilege of providing that same service to many different families. Most were friends we had never met, that now are life-long friends. Often, it was offered to the those families who were experiencing unexpected or tragic deaths. Not that all death is not heartbreaking. We have never charged for this service, sometimes feeding over 100 family members. We felt it was our calling for some reason.

There were a lot who insisted on paying something, so we put it towards the next family we would feed, essentially paying it forward. We were always grateful for this privilege, though not always easy. We felt in a very small way we were "comforting those in need of comfort", or at least offering some comfort food.

Now during this time every death is tragic for the reasons I've listed, so we extend this invitation. If you lose a love one, we would like to offer a family meal to all immediate family members. If you're a neighbor or friend and want to help feed we've set up a donate button on our website per so many requests.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family from our family here at Bella’s. @ Bella's Fresh Mexican Grill