Our entire menu is available to order for pick-up! 

Take Home or Pick Up

Family Meals

Please see our Family Meals page for detailed information on those incredible deals for small (or large) families.

Let Us Make Dinner!

Everything on our menu is available to order and pick up!  Check out our entire menu here.  

Take-Out Only:

The following items can be purchased for pick-up or take-home:


Chip Sizes:
Small Brown Bag  $1.99

1/2 T-shirt Bag (3 Baskets)  $4.29

Full T-shirt Bag (6 Baskets)  $8.49

Small Box (12 Baskets)  $15.99


Salsa Sizes:
1/2 Pint Mild  $2.79

1/2 Pint Specialty  $3.50
Full Pint Mild  $3.99

Full Pint Specialty  $6.59
1/2 Gallon Mild  $10.99

1/2 Gallon Specialty  $13.99
Full Gallon Mild  $17.99
Full Gallon Specialty  $23.99

Other Toppings:
1/2 Pint Guacamole  $5.99

Full Pint Guacamole  $10.99

1/2 Pint Sour Cream  $3.50

Full Pint Sour Cream  $6.59

1/2 Pint Pico de Gallo  $3.50
Full Pint Pico de Gallo  $6.59

Other Food Items:
Box of Rice  $5.99

Small Pan of Rice  $19.99

Large Pan of Rice  $36.99

Box of Beans  $5.99

Small Pan of Beans  $19.99
Large Pan of Beans  $36.99
Small Pan of 7-Layer Bean Dip  $29.99

Large Pan of 7-Layer Bean Dip  $59.99